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Ideas, Tips, & Tricks    
My Mogas trailer
Friday, October 12 2012 @ 11:23 PM EDT

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Ideas, Tips, & TricksI'm a huge fan of Mogas. Before I bought my Skyhawk I went to look at a Piper. When my mechanic said there wasn't a Mogas stc available, I didn't give it a second look.

There are other benefits, but the biggest for me is financial. As of 10/1/12 , most airports are selling 100LL for around $6. I buy mogas for between $4 and $4.50. Regular auto gas is about $3.80. Current regulations in Indiana require ALL auto fuel to contain at least 10% ethanol. The corn farmers love it, but it makes it more challenging to source ethanol-free. I have two sources, one of which is 5 miles from home. They call it a recreational blend as itís intended for off road vehicles, boats, 2-cycle engines, etc.

My Continental O-300 burns 8 gph. So I save between $12 and $16 PER HOUR and up to $75 per fill-up! I call that substantial and worth the effort.

I have three 7 gallon cans and two 5.5 gallon cans for a total 32 gallons all strapped to a cargo carrier. Although the plane holds 38 gallons, I rarely need all 32 gallons to fill her up before a trip.

I've been carrying cans now for a year and I like the savings but handling so many cans has turned into a nuisance. The other issue is that if I drive 20 minutes I can generally save another $0.50. For 30 gallons or so, it is not worth driving to save just a few dollars. I would go over there if I could buy more at one time.

This lead me to think about a fuel trailer. I found a supercub pilot out west that did something similar. He gave me a few tips. As long as I carry less than 118 gallons, no DOT permit is needed. He used a dented semi-truck tank and had an extra bung installed for the pump. I looked for a deal on a semi tank for weeks, but got real lucky on a two year old transfer tank on eBay. I paid $150 for the tank and pump and then $100 to have it shipped from Florida. A new tank like this is about $600 and the pump is about $300. I was lucky enough to get a good quality pump with my tank, but I first bought a generic and later sold it. Look on Amazon and eBay for a Troy brand gas pump. It'll get the job done for around $150 delivered

Supercub Forum link: http://www.supercub.org/forum/showthr...iler/page2
Bugs66 fuel trailer:

I also found a company that makes a pre-made fuel trailer, but was out of my price range.

Here's the rundown of what I've got in it.
$250 -100 gallon aluminum transfer tank
$0 -15 gpm gasoline rated pump
$150 -Harbor freight trailer rated at 870 lbs.
$60 -Water-block filter + misc.

$460 Total

I used permanent Loctite on every bolt while assembly the trailer. I wanted the tank to be slightly forward to keep it a little tongue heavy. The front mounting feet on the tank landed on the front frame, but I added an additional piece of angle iron where the rear feet landed. Steel mesh was used for a floor. I was worried that over time the steel may wear a hole in the aluminum tank so I added a piece of heavy rubber roofing between the tank and wire mesh.

I assembled all the pipe joints with a gasoline rated pipe dope. The current hose is only 12 feet long and may need to be replaced with a 20 footer. Eventually I plan to add a battery to the trailer for the pump, but for now I'll just hook it up to the car battery as needed.

To measure fuel level I created a dip stick with 5 gallon marks. The tank is 23x45x23 inches. There are 231 cubic inches in a gallon. Some quick math indicates 1.1 inches is 5 gallons.

The tank and pump weighs less than 100 pounds and 100 gallons of fuel will add 600 pounds. That puts it still under the gross weight of 870 pounds for the trailer.

It'll take a while recoup the money, but if I buy fuel at the right price I can shorten that. The convenience of being able to fill both tanks in just a couple minutes will be nice!

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